Dog Themed Desk Organiser [Print at Home]


Please pay-what-you-want, a portion of proceeds will be donated to K9 Tenerife (see full details below).




Do you love dogs? Does it feel like the days of the week have lost all meaning recently? Why not try this new downloadable print-at-home dog themed weekly organiser! It’s hard to feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do, when every day is accompanied by an adorable doggo or pupper.

This weekly calendar comes in two formats:

Sunday through Saturday (typical in Canada/US)

Monday through Sunday (typical in the UK/Europe)

Each day is split to encourage organising activities between mornings and afternoons, but without specific time commitments.

As a PDF it is designed for A4 (UK/EU standard paper size) but can be ‘shrunk-to-fit’ in your print options if you are using Letter (Canada/US standard paper size). We recommend laminating your calendar so that it can be re-used easily with either wet or dry erase markers. You can even colour it in beforehand!

I am releasing this as a pay-what-you-want download. The first £0.75 of each sale and 25% of everything over this amount will go towards K9 Tenerife to support their new initiative to provide speys and neuters for pets on the island, when their owners are unable to afford the procedure themselves. Unexpected litters of puppies and kittens are one of the biggest issues that local rescue centres on Tenerife have to manage, so this new programme will go a long way to helping the overall state of animal welfare in the area.

[For reference: 25% of £3.00 is £0.75, but as you can set your own price I will always donate the first £0.75 and then for everything over £3.00 I will calculate 25% of the amount you select. At the time of writing, this conversion is approx US$3.90 and US$1.00, respectively. Therefore, if you choose to select £0.75/US$1.00 or less at checkout, I will donate the entire amount.]