Dragon Rider Enamel Pin

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  • Folio 2: A hard enamel dragon rider pin.

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Decretum Gratiani with the commentary of Bartolomeo da Brescia is a collection of Canon law compiled and written as a legal textbook. This pin is from a copy made in Italy around 1340-45. There are many theories as to why phallic images are so common in medieval art, including fertility rites, le monde renversé (the upended world), satire about sex, warnings about STIs, or even that people just find lewd images amusing.

A hard enamel pin with a design based on the marginalia of Lyon MS. 5128, f. 100r. It measures 38mm at its widest point and has a black nickel finish. Each pin comes on a backing card and with two black rubber clutches for added security and to avoid spinning. Made in the UK.

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Dimensions 45 × 45 mm