Hedgepig Thief Enamel Pin


  • Folio 2: A hard enamel hedgepig thief pin.

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An illuminated miniature from Rochester Bestiary, made c.1230 in England. Bestiaries included both real and imaginary animals. Called an ‘urchin’ at the time, this pin is from a scene depicting hedgehogs underneath vines, rolling on grapes to impale them on their spines. They could then take them back to their burrow to feed their young. Hedgehogs were both associated with the infernal and a symbol of modesty.

A hard enamel pin with a design based on the marginalia of Royal MS. 12 F. xiii, f.45r. It measures 35mm at its widest point and has a black nickel finish. Each pin comes on a backing card and with two black rubber clutches for added security and to avoid spinning. Made in the UK.

5% of all sales of this particular Marginalia Paraphernalia design go to support The Lowton Hedgehog Rescue.


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Dimensions 40 × 40 mm