Jousting Bunny Enamel Pin


  • Folio 1: A hard enamel jousting bunny pin.

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From Breviary for the Use of Verdun, Winter Volume, made for Renaud de Bar between 1302 and 1303 in France. This pin depicts one half of a drollery, a popular style of marginalia. The other half is its jousting opponent – a dog riding a hare. Role-reversals (such as animals acting as humans) were a typical medieval trope used for humour, often seen in manuscript illuminations and marginalia.

A hard enamel pin with a design based on the marginalia of MS Yates Thompson 8 f. 294. It measures 40mm at its widest point and has a black nickel finish. Each pin comes on a backing card and with two black rubber clutches for added security and to avoid spinning. Made in the UK.

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Dimensions 40 × 40 mm