Mini Manicules Enamel Pins

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  • Folio 2: Two hard enamel mini manicule pins.

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Manicules, from the latin manicula – little hand, were drawn in margins to highlight particularly noteworthy passages to the reader. The earliest manicule is said to appear in the Domesday Book from 1086 and they were widespread by the 12th century. Manicules were later adopted as a typographical symbol. Styles varied, some had elaborate sleeves or oddly proportioned fingers, and occasionally they were not even hands.

Two hard enamel pins with designs based on the marginalia of MS Hunter 215 (U.2.6.) f.129r and Terentius cum tribus cõmentis: uidelicet Io. Cal[phurnii] Gvido. Iv[venalis] Dona[tus.. Each measures 20mm at their widest point and has a silver nickel finish. Each pin comes on a backing card and with one black rubber clutch. Made in the UK.

5% of all Marginalia Paraphernalia sales go to support Arts Emergency (registered charity no. 1152377).

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Dimensions 30 × 30 mm