‘Rocket’ Bird Enamel Pin

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  • A soft enamel rocket bird pin.

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This image comes from a 16th century German manuscript that serves as a early explosives and warfare manual and is thought to be a concept originating by Franz Helm of Cologne, but can be seen in many copied and re-copied 16th and 17th century manuscripts. Although it has not been confirmed whether this method of warfare was actually used, the instructions were for setting fire to a castle or city that you cannot get to otherwise. The idea being that you would attach a lit incendiary to either a dove or a cat and release them towards the besieged city, to hopefully cause it to catch fire. But we can all just pretend that these bad-ass rocket powered animals are out for the ride of their life, after which they land or come to a stop safely in a field where they marvel at what an amazing experience that speedy journey was, right?

A soft enamel pin with a design based on the marginalia of Cod. Pal. germ. 128, f.74r  It measures 30mm at its widest point and has a black nickel finish. Each pin comes on a backing card and with two black rubber clutches for added security and to avoid spinning. Made in the UK.

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Dimensions 45 × 45 mm